Misty the Meercat

New work, 6″×6″, acrylic an canvas panel. May you all be well during these difficult times and let art uplift you ❤

One thought on “Misty the Meercat

  1. Hi. Hope you all are safe, well and sane. Good time to paint! Just also wanted to let you know that the last few times I have tried to view what you posted, I can’t. You can see what I see below. I do enjoy looking at what you have painted, but don’t worry about it. Might just be that I have incompatible software.
    We’re fine. A tad bored and certainly anxious about these scary times. Well, we could be in NYC. At least here, we live in a large county with 150,000 people and only 7 reported cases so far. We’re not going anywhere except me on an occasional grocery store run. Trying to do more online. Still riding – fresh air and a diversion help a lot.
    Take care.


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