Born-1959 and raised by two parents in Detroit, Michigan. I am an only child and animals have been my friends and companions all my life.  I have always been fascinated by animals and science.


1994, Michigan State, Bachelor’s of Science, Physical Science

1996, University of New Mexico, Bachelor’s of Science, Major Biology, Minor Geology

1996, UNM, concurrent, AA, studio art, Los Alamos, NM

1998, Indiana University, Master’s of Environmental Science, School of Environmental Affairs, emphasis Applied Ecology


25 years, wildlife rehabilitator

high school science teacher; chemistry, biology, advanced placement environmental science

army/national guard reserve

Influential Teachers (soon to have links to the following)

Lesley Harrison

Robin Kunz

Mike Mahon

Rita Kirkman








2 thoughts on “BIO

  1. Nice website! I like your detailed and personal bio. Makes me realize how my bio is lacking. Cute chipmunk painting too!
    Carol Ordogne


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