Key West Chicken #1


9″×12″, acrylic. The chickens they run wild down here in the Florida Keys where I am vacationing so I thought I’d paint one. Maybe I’ll paint more then one that’s why he’s #1. More to come!


4 thoughts on “Key West Chicken #1

  1. So glad you all got there in good shape. Yes, I’ve been there too and there are chickens everywhere. The Keys are really a unique part of the world. Know you will enjoy the warmth!



  2. Lucky you in Key West during this cold weather here in Santa Fe! Is your furry kid with you? Love the chicken painting. You are so so so talented.

    See you when you come home 🙂


    Rae Sikora

    Inspiring, short films and trailer: (Cowspiracy Trailer)



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