Plein Air Painting

Yesterday, I went on a Plein air painting excursion to Diablo Canyon, near Santa Fe, with the Plein Air Painters of New mexico, a wonderful group of which I am a member, I did a quick sketch of the canyon, (see below). Then we went and had lunch by the Rio Grande



river. It was such a beautiful day! My faithful dog, Kobe, also accompanied me and is pictured below as well.


2 thoughts on “Plein Air Painting

  1. Beautiful sketch of the canyon! I’m sorry to have missed meeting you and Kobe! I didn’t arrive at the canyon until almost noon. I will try to attend the paintout near Taos this weekend though so perhaps I will get to meet you then! Jessie

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    • Thank you! Yes sorry to have missed meeting you as well. I know for sure 3 of us will be at the meeting place at 10am. There are so many beautuful places around there to paint! Hope you make it though there are so many trips planned I hope to do lots of them!


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