One of my favorite artists is Tom Palmore.

Tom Palmore paints large-scale, bold animal portraits in surreal, imaginative, and witty settings, as well as landscapes, approaching his subjects with reverence. Rendered in oil and acrylic, Palmore’s meticulously detailed and modeled animals are frequently portrayed against flat backgrounds—often to comic effect—such as a portrait of a cat set against bird wallpaper, or a frog poised in front of butterfly wallpaper. He approaches the paintings as though commissioned by the animals themselves, placing them in poised, dignified postures. “Even when I put an animal in a natural setting, I try to make it my own through unusual lighting, unique compositions, or atypical points of view,” he has said.Palmore-Approaching-Storm1 Palmore-Desert-Jewel Palmore-Mountain-Lion Palmore-Mr-Elegant


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